Religious Education follows the Coventry Agreed Syllabus. We believe at Hearsall Community Academy that Religious Education is an important part of a balanced and broad curriculum. It allows pupils to consider and respond to important questions, as well as exploring their own spiritual development. We are here to give our pupils an excellent education with a rich and inspiring curriculum, at the same time providing nurture and care for their spiritual/emotional, moral, social and cultural wellbeing.

In Key Stage One the customs and beliefs of two or more religions are compared. In Key Stage Two Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism are studied in a systematic way so that the children are able to understand the essential elements of these religions.  At Hearsall some aspects of Religious Education are taught through themes e.g. weddings, christenings etc.

Visits to places of worship and speakers in school are a routine feature of our Religious Education lessons. By working closely with local churches and visiting speakers from various faiths we believe that we can promote tolerance and understanding.

A high quality religious education (RE) curriculum is essential to meet the statutory requirement for all schools to teach a broad and balanced curriculum. At Hearsall Community academy, we are a fully inclusive community which embraces all aspects of diversity.  We actively encourage learning about other religions and world views and how to foster respect for them.