Meet the Inclusion Team

Mr Rob Darling (Head of Primaries)Mr Darling is the Executive Head Teacher of the Inspire Education Trust.  He takes a strategic lead on the direction of the schools on an individual and group basis. Through his tenacious approach he is able to share knowledge and expertise throughout the schools network and ensure parents, children and teachers have the best support and advice available.
 Mrs Jones (Headteacher)Mrs Jones leads the whole school to ensure all children reach their potential.  She works directly with class teachers to review children’s attainment. Where there are concerns regarding progress, she works with staff to look at the available provision and support to ensure each child makes progress and achieves to the best of their ability.
Mrs V Prudham (MAT SEND Lead)Mrs Prudham takes a lead on Inclusion within the Inspire Education Trust and is acting SENDCO for Hearsall Academy. It is her responsibility to work with staff to ensure the management of the provision for special educational needs, children with English as an additional language and gifted and talented children. Contact
Ms S Barnes (SENDCO)Ms. Barnes (SENDCO) plays a pivotal role in ensuring the inclusion and progress of students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). She coordinates the school’s SEND provision, oversees identification and assessment, and develops tailored Plans (IEPs). Ms. Barnes collaborates with teachers, parents, and external agencies, providing training and support. Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the school’s SEND provision, she advocates for inclusion, equal opportunities, and ensures compliance with relevant legislation, including the SEND Code of Practice and Equality Act.
Mrs Pleasance (SEND Teaching Assistant)Mrs Pleasance is a TA her role involves working with children with special educational needs across the whole school.  She works with children within the classroom, through small group work and on a 1 to 1 basis. Over time Mrs Pleasance has worked with children with a huge variety of special needs.  Her advice and support to teaching staff is invaluable.
 Mrs Smith (Katie) Pastoral Manager Mrs Smith leads all pastoral work in school.  Through her role she is able to provide support for children, parents and staff to meet pastoral needs within the school community.  Her role is invaluable in supporting children who may be experiencing emotional challenges in their home and school lives. Working together allows a team approach when learning is hindered through emotional changes.
Mr Lancashire (Learning Mentor)Mr Lancashire is a learning mentor who works and supports children with and without SEND in school. He runs a support group for social skills and mental health through ‘Boomerang’ sessions.
Tracie Bailey (Learning Mentor)Tracie is part of the pastoral team, led by Mrs Smith.  She leads the school lunch club where children can drop into sessions at lunchtime to complete structured activities away from the playground.  In the afternoon, Tracie works directly with children on a one to one or group basis to support emotional needs.

If parents are not in agreement with SEND provision for their child they should contact the SENDCO and/or the Head Teacher at the school to discuss the support and provision in place.