Sports Premium

Key Information

Sports Premium at Hearsall

What is sports premium?

The government have pledged £150 million per annum until 2020 to support PE and school sport in primary schools. The Sport Premium funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision for PE and sport in schools. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport.

We will be held accountable for how we have used the additional funding to support children’s progress and participation in PE and school sport. We are required to publish online information about how we have used the additional funding, including details of our extra curricular provision and discrete PE lessons. This will ensure that parents and carers are made fully aware of sporting opportunities available to children at Hearsall Community Primary School.

Sports Premium

How is the Sports Premium funding allocated?

Each school with over 17 pupils is allocated a lump sum of £8000 and then an extra £5 per child in years 1-6. The money is distributed to schools in two payments in October and April of each year.

In the year 2015/16 Hearsall received £8845. This year we will receive approximately £9555.

How should the Sport Premium Funding be spent? The government has recommended:

Schools can choose how they spend the funding, however, there are increased guidelines as to the parameters for spending. The overriding expectation is that whatever is put in place is sustainable.

Sustainability is promoted at Hearsall Community Primary School by:

  • Investing in high quality CPD
  • Taking into account the availability of local sports clubs when choosing sport to offer
  • Monitoring impact to inform future planning

Sports Premium

How will we spend the Sport Premium funding?

We aim to use this money to create a sustainable curriculum for all children. One of the key focuses of Hearsall Community Primary School is to invest in professional development for staff to ensure improved quality of teaching and learning in PE.  A specialist sports coach worked alongside teachers to model the delivery of curriculum PE in the Autumn term. In the Spring and Summer term, teachers have worked alongside our PE coordinator to ensure effective planning and to provide further models for the effective delivery.

In order to monitor pupil progress in PE, subject leaders have trialed a new assessment framework. This framework will link to the new planning resource, which has been recently purchased in school. This will be rolled out across the entire school in the year 2016/2017.

It is anticipated that staff will be able to make judgements on skill levels and progression quickly and with ease, they will also find it easier to set targets and report on PE at the end of the year.

Hearsall aspires to engage as many children as possible in extra curricular activities. Through a combination of external coaches, staff, governors and parental volunteers we have increased the menu of sporting opportunities to our children. The impact of this has been that we currently have over 60% of our children attending extra curricular provision.

Sports Premium

Impact of the Sport Premium funding?

We have evaluated the impact of our funding and found many positives but also highlighted clear areas for us to work on during this school year.

Overall, the impact of the Sports Premium on the pupils has been positive: more children have been able to participate in a wider range of after school clubs and quality PE lessons, resulting in higher sport enjoyment, and ultimately increasing general fitness and the skill levels of the children.

Pupils have had more opportunities to play competitive sports in school with the introduction of lunchtime competitions and activities.

The Sports Premium Finding has had a positive impact on the teaching of PE. The teachers who have taught alongside the subject leader and the specialist sports coach have on average improved their confidence to teach that particular activity.

Staff and Pupil Voices

Towards Sports and PE

Pupil Voice – KS1 Responses
‘I love PE it is really fun!’‘We get to do lots of different sports and exercises.’
‘I really like doing gymnastics’

Pupil Voice – KS2 Responses
‘We do lots of different sports. I recently joined netball club after we did it in PE.’‘It’s good. It’s fun and it’s active.’
‘We have extra challenges in PE lessons and we get to create our own sequences.’
‘I enjoy sport- especially football- and I even get to be the model or help referee games.’

Staff Responses
We cover a range of areas in PE and children really enjoy lessons. For a number of children it is their favorite lesson.
I feel so much more confident teaching PE. Having not received much training during my PGCE or practices. It has been brilliant to have support with planning and to see other teachers teach PE.

Evaluation Points

  • Further the access to afterschool clubs with a new, improved target.
  • Continue to upskill staff- further use of coordinator expertise
  • Implement new planning structure throughout the school alongside assessment tracker.
  • Create a PE induction program for new staff- particularly NQTs.
  • Continue to link with the other schools in the MAT.