Catering Academy at Hearsall 

Catering Academy would like to welcome you to the catering facility at Hearsall Community Academy. We are a dynamic, vibrant catering company and we believe our commitment for quality in all aspects of food service is unrivalled. We deliver a wide range of fresh food via our catering teams, providing truly personalised menus and food solutions. Our passionate and innovative approach to food allows us to deliver fresh and exciting dishes, prepared and served to exceed the highest quality expectations. We utilise local suppliers as well as our national supplier base, providing a national network of local supply, particularly important for all fresh produce. We only use top quality grade one suppliers including farm assured, organic and Fairtrade where applicable. Our menu will feature regular Halal options as well.  

As well as hot lunch options, Catering Academy can also provide a packed lunch option for children who would like it. Please contact the school office if you would like to organise this for your child. Please make sure that you keep us informed of any updates to your child’s dietary requirements or allergies so that we can make sure that we cater for this in school. 

Meet The Team  

Helen, Lisa and Sarah   

Lisa has been at Hearsall Academy since we started working with the school in September and she has a wealth of experience in education catering. 

Helen has been at Hearsall as a service assistant for a fabulous 29 years. 

Sarah is our most recent member of staff who started at the beginning of the term.  

Lisa and her team are here to offer your child a warm welcome, providing a nutritious meal, every lunchtime. Here we have detailed information about the catering service as well as a guide to the menus we provide at the school. 

To help produce delicious & healthy meals every day, we have a dedicated Company Nutritionist who analyses our menus to ensure they are fully compliant with allergen legislation and the standards set out in The School Food Plan. 

We have a three-week cycle on our Menus that change every season.