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Application for Primary School In-Year admissions and transfers

If you wish to request admission to a Coventry Primary School, you should complete all sections of this form.

If your child is already attending a local school then moving your child to another school is a very serious step. It is important that you consider whether a move is really the best option. If your child is experiencing difficulties at school a transfer may not solve the problem. Talking to your child and staff at your child’s present school can resolve most problems so that a move is avoided. If circumstances are complex it will take longer to process your application.

Where possible your child must continue attending their current school until you are offered a new school place. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child receives full-time education, either by regular attendance at school or otherwise (Education Act 1996, section 7). Parents who fail to ensure that their child attends regularly at the school at which they are a registered pupil are liable to prosecution (Education Act 1996, section 444).

If your child has a Statement of Educational Needs this form cannot be used to apply for a school place. You must contact SEN Management Services for guidance on 024 76831615.

Failure to complete all sections of this form may delay your child’s application.

  • If your child attends a COVENTRY school you should discuss the reasons for transfer with your child’s Head Teacher before returning this form to the admissions team. This form WILL NOT be processed without the signature of your child’s current Head Teacher.
  • Transfers only normally take place at the start of term unless there are exceptional circumstances e.g. Change of Address.
  • The Admissions and Benefits Team will acknowledge receipt of all applications normally within 10 working days. If you do not receive acknowledgement within this time, please contact the Admissions and Benefits Team immediately on (024) 7683 1573 or 1613.

You can download the Application form from the below buttons either as a PDF document or a Word Document. Please note: The Word Document may be easier for you to fill in and return electronically.