PE at Hearsall Community Academy

At Hearsall Academy, it is our belief that a high quality Physical Education curriculum is vital when inspiring all of our pupils to succeed, whether that be in terms of physical activity, competitive sport, health and fitness or confidence. To this end, we ensure that all children have access to two hours of quality physical education each week, covering a range of physical activities, games and skills.

Within the PE Curriculum, children are taught the values and skills necessary for their age-related physical education. This includes a variety of sports such as netball, tri-golf, football, tennis, athletics and hockey, as well as dance and gymnastics taught by specialists. We feel it vital, that at Hearsall, Physical Education provides our children with the opportunity to partake and compete in sporting events, thus developing lifelong skills such as resilience, and embedding core school values such as fairness and respect.

In addition to this, we provide a diverse range of after school clubs, competitive fixtures and other sporting opportunities to enrich our children’s experience of physical activity. We ensure that lunchtimes are active and fun, by hiring a lunchtime coach and by developing Children’s Sports Leaders (Upper Key Stage 2 children) to lead activities at lunch times, and we ensure that children receive the opportunity to make use of our outdoor climbing, trim trail and climbing frame areas. We also now have use of our brand new Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA), where children can play football and short cricket.

Recognising the benefits of physical activity on academic achievement and concentration is also important to our school. Our ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’ allow the children access to a series of skills and techniques, that can be used throughout the day, so that they can maximise their learning whilst maintaining good physical and mental wellbeing.

An example of the range of activities we provide during PE lessons are:

Swimming: In Year 3/4, children receive swimming tuition, with the ultimate aim of becoming proficient and confident at swimming a distance of 25 metres or more.

Dance: We are fortunate at Hearsall to have a dance specialist who works alongside teachers and children during dance lessons. In these lessons, children not only build upon their abilities to perform step, but also develop their choreography skills to create sequences independently and with their peers. They then participate in performances to parents, such as family assemblies or end of year shows.

Gymnastics: Our large range of small and large apparatus for both Key Stages allows for children of all abilities to reach their potential. These sessions show children how to control their muscles and perform balances individually and in groups. Children also learn about safety – setting out equipment – and spatial awareness.

Games and Multi-Skills: This part of the PE curriculum allows for team skills to develop in a fun but competitive way. We ensure that our curriculum is linked to the competitive sports that children participate in as part of the School Games initiative. Children learn skills and tactics for a variety of popular sports including football, netball, basketball, hockey and cricket. In addition, children learn and apply the basic principles for attacking and defending (something which is a staple concept of the PE Curriculum).

Outdoor areas (Climbing wall; trim trail and MUGA): These areas are available for children to use in a supervised capacity, either during break or lunch times, or as part of a reward system. These brand new facilities provides vital outdoor spaces where children can practise new and developing skills and sports. 

After School Clubs

As part of our continuing commitment to school sport, our school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities. We are passionate about and thus ensure that we provide children with the opportunity to become physically active and confident outside of the school setting and so, through feedback from pupils and parents, we have developed a bespoke after school club provision that caters for all children. Our after school clubs (which are often seasonal) are as follows: multi-sports, street dance, football, tennis, performing arts/musical theatre and School Performance Club.