MFL at Hearsall Community Academy

At Hearsall Academy, we believe that learning a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for all children.

To achieve this, we ensure that all pupils take part in enrichment days where they explore different languages and cultures from around the world. Year 2 pupils have the opportunity to take part in an extra-curricular Spanish club to give them a taster in learning languages. Once pupils move into Key Stage 2, Spanish is taught as a compulsory subject. 

Our Key stage 2 Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum promotes contextualized learning. As oppose to teaching stand-alone vocabulary, pupils are taught about both language and cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world that can then be used in context to build up a profile about themselves and the world around them.

In learning other languages, children at Hearsall Academy:

  • Develop their oral communication skills.
  • Apply and extend their literacy skills.
  • Learn basic phrases, applying and extending these in cross-curricular learning.
  • Engage in opportunities to have contact with native speakers through our international links with primary and university settings.
  • Explore the world beyond their own culture and develop an awareness and empathy of the multilingual and multicultural society that we are living in.

At Hearsall Academy, we aim to open up as many opportunities and experiences as possible for the children that we teach. We believe that learning a foreign language will provide them with even more prospects in today’s globalizing world.