Tapestry Online Learning Journal

Tapestry Online Learning Journal

Your child’s Learning Journal celebrates his or her experiences. Over time it will tell a story about your child – his or her learning, friends, and the experiences he or she enjoys sharing with others.

Your child will have their own learning journal online. You will be provided with a personal log on. This will allow you to see the observations, pictures and videos that staff have uploaded throughout the day, as well as uploading your own observations from home.

All staff observe each child at play because it helps us to understand and support their individual wellbeing and development. We really get to know the children as unique people with special skills, interests and ideas. The more we understand about your special child, the better we can support them in the way that is right for them. We hope that we can work together to build this Learning Journal as a record of your child’s Early Years. Once you have completed your Tapestry Online User Agreement you will be emailed with a log on. You will then be able to access your child’s learning journal whenever you would like to. Separate accounts can also be created for grandparents or parents living away from home or overseas.

We strongly encourage you to contribute and look through your child’s Journal on a regular basis. We also encourage you to talk with your child about their Learning Journal and feel free to add special events or other things of significance for your child.

At this age, so much happens so quickly and we would love to hear about events, activities or achievements which can be put into your child’s Learning Journal! When you tell us about your child a clearer picture unfolds and together we can plan more effectively to help your child’s learning and development. Feel free to write us a note, have a chat to a member of staff or bring in a photo, drawing or souvenir to share with us.

If you would to contact us or have any comments or queries please do not hesitate to contact one of the staff team.