Transition Into Nursery


Transition Into Nursery

Presentation to Parents
In the summer term before your child starts Nursery we will hold a presentation for new parents. In this presentation we will outline everything you can expect to experience over your child’s year in Nursery. You will get to meet the Nursery staff and sign up for home visits and stay and play sessions. This is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Home Visits
We offer home visits as part of a smooth transition in to Nursery. Young children are more comfortable and confident in their familiar, home environment and we want to meet them where they thrive. The Nursery teacher and a member of the school’s Pastoral team will come to your home and spend ten minutes playing with your child and finding out more information about them. This also gives you the opportunity to meet staff in the privacy of your home and share any queries of concerns you may have about your child starting school.

Stay and Play Sessions
At the start of the academic year we offer a session where you can come and join your child to play alongside them and so that your child can become familiar with the Nursery environment in the comfort of your care.

‘All About Me’ Paperwork
We ask that you complete the ‘All About Me’ document and return to school prior to your child starting with us. This is to enable us to know everything there is to know about your child, including likes and dislikes, allergies and medication. We need to be able to plan for the safety and inclusion of all children in our care.

Staggered Entry
Come September, we aim to get your children into Nursery as quickly and as smoothly as possible. For this reason, we admit in a staggered entry. The youngest, summer born children start first to allow them time to adjust to the environment, followed by those with spring birthdays, and finally autumn born children. Although we stagger intake, we do aim to get all children in starting ASAP to make it easier for parents and to enable the children to get used to the routine of Nursery. Should your child be starting full time and accessing the 30 hours free funding we will endeavour to get your child in full time from the start of the academic year.