About Us


About Us

Our Nursery is attached to the school and is run by a qualified teacher with support staff. The Nursery is managed by the Early Years Leader as part of the Senior Leadership Team of the school. As of September 2018, we are altering the hours we provide in order to meet the needs of all parents and children.

The Nursery opening times are:

Morning: 8.30 am- 11.30 am

Afternoon: 12.30 pm – 3.30 pm

You can choose to use your 15 free hours in either morning or afternoon sessions, or to have bespoke provision e.g.: blocking your hours to have 2.5 days. If you are entitled to the 15 free hours but would like to access additional hours, you can pay top up fees to extend your provision. Each additional 3 hour session will cost £12.

From September 2018, we will be offering 30 hour places in our school Nursery. Please visit the following link for further details regarding Nursery funding:

From September 2018, extra child-care provision will also be provided through Hearsall Community Academy. We will be offering ‘Before’ and ‘After’ school provision, ‘All Day Care’ and ‘Lunch Club’.

Spare Clothes

Please bring in a set of spare clothes for your child, with a plastic bag so that we can return any dirty or wet clothes to you in a bag to save other clothes getting wet.

Homework/Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Challenge – Every Friday on the Nursery Newsletter there will be an optional challenge for you to complete at home. These challenges will cover skills across our curriculum and will be short, fun activities that should be an enjoyable experience for you and your child. Please upload your challenge on to Tapestry for us to share with the class and respond to.